Love in The Transmitter Magazine

I (heart) my job!

You will see from my page that I am a make-up artist and hair stylist for, films and television, photographic and editorial (including make-up for The Transmitter Magazine) and everything inbetween from weddings to make-up lessons.

Last week, I completed a very quick shoot for the February edition of The Transmitter Magazine. The theme was LOVE, hearts and anything pink and red.

We did the shoot in Crystal Palace Park in the overgrown wooded section at the side of the park and (lucky for us) no dog walkers came past as we set off the smoke bombs to create a clouded background.

The shoot was probably our fastest yet as it was really very cold outside and Ella (the freezing model) was shivering in the tiny dresses we asked her to wear. She was a complete professional who managed to hide the look of being cold in all the shots…well done Ella, you look fab!

The February edition of The Transmitter will be out very soon, but I have managed to get hold of a couple of the pictures from our shoot – more to follow.  I’m so pleased that the red and pink make-up looks so strong and a great comparison to the dark smokey background.

Happy Valentines all,

Love Lucy x



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