The Zuca Pro

For my last birthday my brilliant friends clubbed together to get me The Zuca Bag  which I’ve now been using for two months.

Check out the Zuca Website if you are thinking of purchasing one of these babys, so you can easily view the whole range.  For a make-up artist there are two Zuca bags you can pick from, The Zuca Sport and The Zuca Pro.

Since I’ve been using the Zuca Pro Artist its slotting into the same category as my iphone – i.e. how did I ever live without it??!!!

Firstly, the built in seat has been fantastic!! As well as seating models on it to do their make-up whilst I’ve been outside and seatless, I have also used it numerous times to rest my legs and as a seat on the tube!

The bag is increadibly spacious and fits everything in,  it also keeps all my products organised and easily attainable.  The vinyl utility pouches fit in like drawers and can be labelled so you can always grab the right bag.  Amazingly for a bag so spacious which fits everything in, it’s incredibly lightweight and really easy to move about the place!  Before when I’ve had bags and wheeled it off a curb into the road the bag would always wobble and fall over, the Zuca feels a lot studier and the massive rubber wheels keep it well balanced.

The protective cover is fairly easy to take on and off although I do find that I often have to put the bag on its side to get it on.  I only really use it when travelling far though.

All in all, for a make-up artist and hair stylist who has to carry a ridiculous amount of stuff around, be quick and organised, this bag has been a god-send, and I love having it in my life! (Yes, I know its just a bag!) but I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Next must have – The Zuca Artist Backpack!

Feel free to ask me any questions on this bag if you are thinking of buying it!!

Love Lucy x

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