Television and Film

Cleopatra Clips from Andy Pontin on Vimeo.

In the past few years, I have been working closely with ITV Sport and their live productions of sport programmes including:  The Audi Cup 2011 for ITV Sport, a number of UEFA Euro qualifier 2012 on ITV4,  ‘UEFA Champions League’, La Liga broadcast and ‘Global Game’ for Al Jazeera Sport and in April 2011 I worked as the full time make-up artist for the Indian Premier League Cricket (IPL) which was shown daily on ITV4  for two months in 2011 and 2012.

Recently I assisted on ‘All Star Family Fortunes’  for ITV and a Bollywood film with the temporary name ‘P45’. 

My work also includes being Baroness Floella Benjamin’s make-up artist for the AMI Awards where she was presenting the awards and assisting for Carte Noire pop-up shop press day in central London.  

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The first 3 episodes  of ‘When Life Gives you Lemons’ (a 7 episode internet series I worked on in 2011) are below for your viewing. I acted as the lead make-up artist and hair stylist for this full series.


Sam meets Alex at her place to discuss her photography while Bryce and Pat help Gabi rehearse a play for her acting course at the Common Bar…




Below is the short film Sofa So Good which was filmed in 2010.  I worked as the lead make-up artist and hair stylist on the shoot.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t put the whole film on here as its a little too long, but this snippet should get you gripped!